Resilio Sync on Raspberry Pi

install resilio sync on raspberry pi (raspian)


Execute the extracted file

That’s it! Resilio is up and running.


!!! Current Problems: !!!

Add repository

Add public key

Install Sync


You can access the web GUI via

edit config file

Additional changes of the general configuration can be done here:


Enable sync service automatic startup as user rslsync:

where (command) can be start, stop, enable, disable, status

2 Replies to “Resilio Sync on Raspberry Pi”

  1. Hi,
    I installed it with the Manuel Method, then I forgot the WebUi password. Is there a way to reinstall or edit the settings? I cannot find any config file.

  2. The only issue I’m having is the last part “service”

    pi@raspberrypi:/etc $ sudo systemctl enable resilio-sync
    Failed to execute operation: No such file or directory

    Any ideas?

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